SongTool for OS X

SongTool for OS X

SongTool, a powerful audio player for OS X, gives you total control of all the music on your Mac. A single button provides easy access to section looping. Speed and pitch can be changed quickly and precisely, and these adjustments can be saved for each song. A 10-band graphic equalizer allows for the creation and storage of user presets.

Advanced audio playback and ease-of-use make SongTool a great choice for musicians, dancers, or anyone who wants complete control of their music.

All Your Music

SongTool loads your iTunes playlists automatically. You can also play audio files from any directory on your computer.

One Button

Mark the beginning and end of a section “on-the-fly” and SongTool will loop it until you are ready to move on.

Total Control

Change the speed. Change the pitch. Change both at the same time. SongTool lets you adjust playback quickly and precisely.

That’s Perfect

Once you’ve found the right speed and pitch for a song, tell SongTool and automatically restore those settings the next time.