SongTool for iOS is now available in the App Store!

SongTool for iOS

Musician/developer Joel Perry has released SongTool for iOS, bringing the advanced audio player to iPhones and iPads. Previously only available for OS X computers, SongTool brings a unique combination of power and ease-of-use to mobile devices. Especially useful for musicians and dancers, SongTool is great for anyone who wants to take control of their music.

SongTool provides speed and pitch shifting, along with the ability to save speed and pitch settings for individual songs. The one-button looping feature allows users to focus on any section of a song with just two presses of a button. SongTool will load songs from the user’s iTunes library, with the ability to filter by playlist, artist, album, and more. A built-in EQ provides preset curves for tone-shaping.

More information can be found on the SongTool for iOS page and SongTool for iOS User Guide. SongTool can be purchased for $3.99 in the App Store.

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